Helping Your Hand Problem

When unfortunate enough to suffer with a problem of the hand you suddenly become aware of the reliance you place on this complex part of the body. Whether the main problem is pain, numbness or stiffness the end result is often the same - a fear to perform the activities that have always been instinctive. Work, sleep or sports can all be affected and that is where a rapid diagnosis followed by prompt and effective treatment, by a specialist team is called for. Some patients simply want a full explanation of the problem so their mind can be put at rest.

Whatever your reason the Exeter Hand Clinic can help.

Your consultation will give you sufficient time to discuss your diagnosis. Many conditions can be treated at this first consultation. If any tests are required these will be explained fully.

The Exeter Hand Clinic works closely with experts who can investigate your problem further. The results of any investigations will be discussed at a review appointment.

Should simple measures not be sufficient to cure your problem then surgery may be discussed. Many conditions can now be treated by key-hole or minimally-invasive surgery. Whether such methods are appropriate for your condition will be discussed before any decisions are made by you.

From the decision being made the delay to surgery is commonly just a couple of weeks but the timing of surgery can be arranged to avoid any commitments you have, to fit in with your lifestyle.

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Watch Carpal Tunnel Release Video

Hand problems

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome :
~ Open surgery * suitable for the vast majority of patients
~ Endoscopic * may be suitable for some patients
Trigger finger/thumb
Dupuytren's disease
"Lumps and bumps" around the hand :
~ Ganglions

More Information:

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